Investment is needed in a political environment

by Tim Wilson, August 4, 2011

Open foreign investment is good for all. In Australia’s case it makes sense for developing country businesses to invest in an economy capable of delivering stable returns and property rights. For Australia it makes sense because with a large land mass and small population it has always been a capital importer.

That’s why any calls to restrict foreign investment are dangerous and counter productive. But political realities always make foreign investment a touchy issue. Which is why the idea of at least steering, rather than blocking, Chinese investment into Australia’s agriculture sector is welcome.

Unfortunately the idea is receiving a cold reception from the National Party. But hopefully sense will prevail.

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  1. public says:

    The role of the commentariat Tim is to provide an excuse for white collar criminals . Many Thanks for that i.p.a

  2. Monarch RH says:

    Although individuals usually approach this issue from a zero-sum perspective, investment usually is a net plus. However, if the investment is not made in a manner consistent with sustainable development it clearly will not provide a benefit in the long term.

  3. Jenny says:

    Brazil’s growth is through a centrist combination of respect for financial markets and targeted social programs. By expanding cash-transfer programs for the poor, subsidizing housing loans and raising the minimum wage, the government pulled more than 20 million people out of poverty. The middle class grew by 29 million people in the years Mr.Da Silva was president with an 80 percent popularity vote!!!

  4. jenny says:

    A FRESH bout of ”resource nationalism” could be imminent, amid speculation that Brazil is poised to follow Australia’s lead by imposing a major tax on its mining industry…..

    Less than two weeks after the Australian government released details of its revised mining tax, a report from Brazil suggests a tax of up to 25 per cent is being considered for that nation’s mining industry.

    Read more:

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  9. perturbed says:

    There is nothing wrong with foreign investment in a project. There is plenty wrong when the foreign investment gives an autocratic foreign government (or shell company acting on its behalf) control of Australian soil and the resources located therein. Foreigners should be able to put money into the project and reap the dividend, and that’s only fair. But foreign ownership of resource land or public companies providing basic strategic infrastructure is dangerous.

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