New report | An unsustainable economic transformation

by Tim Wilson, November 7, 2011

Today SD has released a new report looking at the influence of the greens movement over the Australian economy. Importantly, the green movement are successfully influencing Australian government policy and restructuring, and restricting, the operations of the Australian economy based on their values. Their influence is making the Australian economy economically unsustainable.

There are numerous examples of the greens movement influencing the Australian economy. The carbon tax is an obvious case where the greens movement has succeeded in creating unsustainable false foundations of the back of a tax for their favoured industries. The new clean energy fund is equally as problematic.

But the influence of certification schemes is also becoming a problem. Voluntarily these schemes are designed to increase consumer choice and awareness about non-price value propositions. But as the greens movement is achieving, if they are legislated they are handing control of supply chains for primary industries to opaque and questionable certification bodies that green groups have significant influence over.

The long term outcome is that the Australian economy will become strangled by their influence harming sustainable economic, social and environmental development. And we will establish a poor precedent for other countries to follow.

10 Responses to “New report | An unsustainable economic transformation”

  1. jen says:

    Dearest Timothy,
    if this man is your hero, then i hope that you are not becoming the gen y Andrew Bolt.
    Give it up on m.t.r kiddo, you are better than that crap!! cheers

  2. sally says:

    We are sick of this type of vomit i.p.a and john roskam et al you should all know better, the game has changed and we are so over it.

    reinvent yourselves or risk losing all the intellectual capital and credibility that may be left.

  3. hayden says:

    no more lobbyists on the abc or friday wrappers please peeps.

    they have had their day shouting over john faine

  4. troika says:

    hawkish behavior Mr Wilson is disappointing considering your masters credentials.

    It may elect you to parliament in the eyes of the polity but it wins you no respect outside of that zone with elites elsewhere.

    your Dunning Kruger is taking over.

    pull your head in mate!!! Australians are a laughing stock because of the parliamentary Machiavellian tactics instigated by Tony Abbott.

  5. helen says:

    tossers don’t listen people…

  6. Germaine says:

    dear sir, i am a huge fan of Ryan Gosling and in this scene he looks exactly like you!

    great acting cheers,and enjoy

  7. jen says:

    Psychopath and Maniac…are you speaking of Tony Abbott???

    Id rather kill myself if and when he becomes pm Tim…………why sir?

    The man who called Asylum seekers “Cheats”
    The man who called Bernie Banton “No angel”
    The man who promised Malcolm Turnbull his loyalty two days before deposing him.
    The man who claimed that the AWB were an organization built on integrity
    The man who called economics “Tedious and boring”

  8. jen says:

    and finally the man who laughed at a dying asbestos victim with the Hardy case and played politics with him….sick or…


  9. Pierre Champagne says:

    An alternative to what the Greens are proposing is the creation of a Depopulation-Green Economic Environment strategy.

    It is far better integrated to the market system than what many current environmental options.

  10. Mike says:

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